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►Student admission to our Graduate School is made in accordance with our University's Foreign Student Admission Directive. The points to be considered in the directive are listed below.

ARTICLE 8-(3) In postgraduate program applications;

a) Candidates applying to graduate programs have completed their undergraduate and / or master's degree abroad; Equivalency certificate and/or school recognition certificate issued by YÖK,

b) The original diploma required for the program to be applied by the candidate who has completed his undergraduate and / or master's degree in Turkey,

c) Original and certified copy of passport,

ç) The original and certified Turkish translation of the undergraduate and/or master's diploma obtained abroad,

d) The original and certified Turkish translation of the transcripts,

e) GRE/GMA T result document and its notarized copy, or valid verification code and ALES document for those who have completed their undergraduate education in Turkey,

f) The commitment document of the candidates who will not be able to submit the GRE/GMA T or ALES document within the application period, stating that if they are accepted conditionally, they will meet the conditional acceptance conditions in the clause (ç) of the 2nd paragraph of the article 9,

g) For candidates applying to graduate programs, the application of the candidate who submits the Central Foreign Language Exam or the international foreign language exam result document accepted as equivalent by the Higher Education Council in accordance with the procedures is taken into consideration. In the programs that provide foreign language education in postgraduate education, and provide education in a foreign language completely or partially, the prerequisites for foreign language of the department / science are taken as a basis for student admission; Foreign language requirement is not required for application to other graduate programs.

(4) Applications made out of time without approval or with missing documents will not be accepted.

(5) The candidate may be asked to verify the information and documents submitted during the application. In case of any inconsistency in the information and documents, the application of the candidate will be deemed invalid even if he/she has registered for the program.

ARTICLE 9- 2) The evaluation and acceptance process for applications made to graduate programs is carried out within the framework of the following provisions:

ç) Candidates who are missing ALES or GRE/GMAT documents included in the application conditions, including candidates placed by the Council of Higher Education within the framework of intergovernmental or intercultural agreements, are "conditionally" admitted to graduate programs with the recommendation of the relevant EABD and the decision of the board of directors.  The procedures regarding the conditionally accepted candidate are carried out within the framework of the following provisions.

1) Conditionally accepted candidate can take a maximum of two courses from graduate programs by paying the tuition fee; However, the number of courses can be increased with the decision of the relevant board of directors.

2) Candidates who are conditionally accepted must achieve an average of at least 3.00/4.00 in the courses they are enrolled in in order to be accepted to the relevant program at the end of the first semester. ALES, GRE/GMAT document that is missing during the application process may not be requested from the candidate who meets the requirement to obtain a minimum 3.00/4.00 passing grade from the courses, upon the recommendation of the relevant EABD and the decision of the Graduate School board of directors.

3) The final acceptance, credit transfer and adjustment procedures of the candidates who meet the requirement of obtaining a minimum 3.00/4.00 grade from the courses are made upon the recommendation of the relevant EABD and the decision of the Graduate School board of directors.

4) Candidates who cannot meet the requirement to obtain a minimum 3.00/4.00 grade from the courses continue to the graduate program if they meet the GRE/GMAT/ALES requirement.

ARTICLE 11- (2) Candidates applying to the graduate program must certify that they have at least B2 level Turkish proficiency in the Turkish proficiency exam held within the framework of the principles determined by the Gazi University TÖMER Directorate before pre-registration. Candidates who do not have at least B2 level Turkish proficiency certificate are registered to the related graduate program. For students whose Turkish level is not sufficient, one year is allowed for the Turkish preparatory course at Gazi University TÖMER and this period is not included in the maximum duration of the relevant program. The registration of the candidate who does not submit his/her document for any reason other than the excuses specified in Gazi University's Right and Valid Causes Directive within the specified period is deleted.


Important: Candidates pay an Examination and Evaluation fee for once, regardless of which Institute they apply to at Gazi University Graduate Program Applications.

Foreign national candidates who will apply to graduate programs are required to deposit the evaluation fee, which is 100 Dolars, to the Dolar account specified below and upload their receipt to the application system.








TR 0500 0120 0129 4000 5810 0031




Important Notice: Unapproved applications will not be considered. When the candidate makes any correction or action in the application, the application approval is automatically lifted. Therefore, after each adjustment, the candidate must give approval for the application.


Some important information:

1-Applications and final registrations are made through the Gazi University Institute Application System.

2- Please use your Foreign National Identity Number, if any, during registration to the system.


4-Student numbers will be defined to the system during Final Registration.

5-Graduation Grade Point Average of the candidate is taken as basis for evaluation.

6-Mandatory Documents to be Uploaded to the System for Thesis Master's and Postgraduate Doctorate Applications

7-Mandatory Documents to be Uploaded to the System in PhD Applications

8-Do not forget that you are responsible for the missing / incorrect documents you uploaded during the application. In case of an error/incompleteness while checking the documents in the final registration, all responsibility will belong to the candidate. No additional documents will be required for final registration.

9-Correspondence via email is regarded official. It is very important to use the e-mail address that is actively used while registering to the system during the application. If the password is forgotten, it will be forwarded to the relevant e-mail address. In addition, in any case, the candidate will be contacted via this e-mail address.

Due to the intensity that may be experienced during the application / final registration / course registration dates, there may be problems with the phones. You can use our e-mail addresses as an alternative. You can send an e-mail to regarding applications and final registrations.

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