Documents required to be uploaded online to the system for Master's (with Thesis) Application


Your photos should be Biometric or Passport (Both sides of documents should be added to the system)

  1. Identity Document front and back faces (Required)
  2. A certified copy of the passport page (s) showing the identity information and validity period (Required)
  3. Undergraduate diploma front and back faces (Required)
  4. Certified translation of undergraduate diploma (Required)
  5. "Equivalency Certificate / School Recognition Certificate" issued by YÖK (Council of Higher Education) for your undergraduate graduation (Required)
  6. Your Undergraduate Transcript (Required)
  7. Certified translation of Undergraduate Transcript (Required)
  8. Foreign language certificate (YDS/e-YDS/YÖKDİL veya TOEFL IBT)  Optional but "Compulsory for English Language Programs."

Candidates who have a TOEFL IBT score instead of YDS / e-YDS / YÖKDİL score must upload the YDS equivalent of TOEFL IBT scores to the system and upload the TOEFL IBT document in the "Exam document equivalent to YDS" section. Since the equivalence of the IELTS exam is removed, you cannot use this score for applications.

  1. ALES Document (GRE/GMAT) For Candidates who will apply *Conditionally, it is not required.

Candidates with GRE / GMAT score instead of ALES score must write their ALES equivalents of GRE scores to the system and upload the GRE document to the "ALES Equivalent Exam Document" section.

  1. TÖMER Document (**Conditional)
  2. Receipt Document (Required)


The foreign language score is required for the programs whose education language is English.

The foreign language score is not required for the programs whose education language is Turkish.

Our candidates can apply conditionally to graduate programs. Conditional applicants should pay attention to the following issues:


Conditional applicants;

- In the first semester they are registered, they can take at most 2 courses and at the end of the semester, they must provide at least 3.00 / 4.00 grade from the courses. Candidates who meet this requirement may not be asked for ALES, GRE / GMAT certificates with the opinion of the Department and the decision of the Institute Executive Board. Candidates who fail to meet this requirement must bring the ALES / GRE / GMAT document, if the candidate fails to bring the document, his / her registration is deleted.

- Candidates who have the necessary conditions and documents must also document that they have at least B2 level of Turkish proficiency in the Turkish Proficiency exam conducted by the TÖMER Directorate. Even if the candidate who does not have this certificate is enrolled in the relevant graduate program, a period of one year is allowed for the Turkish preparatory course at Gazi University TÖMER. The candidate who fails to deliver his / her document within this period, his/her registration will be deleted.


If the department deems necessary, candidates can be included in the "Scientific Preparation Program".


Click here for the equivalents of the YÖK (Council of Higher Education) 4 points grading system in the 100 points grading system..

Click here for GRE, GMAT score conversions.

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