2021-2022 Fall Semester Postgraduate Education Applications
3 June 2021 | 14:06


Gazi University 2021-2022 Academic Fall Semester Graduate Student Admission Calendar
June 21 – July 16 2021

Candidates' online application and application approval. (It will end at 17:30 on 16 July 2021)

Agust 9 2021 Announcement of eligible candidates.
It will be announced The final registration dates of those who are entitled to register.





All graduate applicants;

►Detailed information about the applications can be found in the Applications tab of our Graduate School's web page. Check for General Information and Information for International Candidates.

Click here for the Application Conditions, Quotas and Evaluation Criteria of the Departments

►Candidates should follow this page regularly, as possible changes regarding the student admission process to graduate programs will be announced on the Graduate School's website.

►Due to the intensity that may be experienced during the application dates, there may be problems with the telephone lines that can be used to communicate with our Graduate School. You can send your requests to fbebasvuru@gazi.edu.tr e-mail address.

Things to know about graduate applications

►For reference and letters of intent, it is necessary to contact the Department of the applied program.

►Applications/Final Registrations will be made through Gazi University Online Application System.

►During Final Registration, no extra document will be requested from the candidate. Therefore, due care should be taken while uploading documents to the system.


For our Turkish Candidates;

Mandatory Documents to be Uploaded to the System for Thesis Master's and Postgraduate Doctorate Applications

Mandatory Documents to be Uploaded to the System in PhD Applications

For our Foreign National Candidates;

Mandatory Documents to be Uploaded to the System for Thesis Master's and Postgraduate Doctorate Applications

Mandatory Documents to be Uploaded to the System in PhD Applications


►Candidates who have graduated from doctoral programs can apply by selecting the "Ales Exemption" option in their graduate applications and upload their PhD graduation documents to the "Ales Certificate" section.

►Candidates who have a bachelor's degree or who can graduate by the final registration date can apply to graduate programs. According to the Article (1) Clause 8 of Gazi University Graduate Education Application Principles, “The CGPA of the candidates who continue their undergraduate education and can graduate until the final registration date is taken as basis in the YÖKSİS database at the time of application. Changes that may occur in the candidate's GPA (Grade point average) after the application are not taken into account.

►Candidates with a Master's degree can apply to doctoral programs.

►Students who graduated from non-thesis master's programs before 06/02/2013 or who enrolled in a non-thesis master's program before this date can apply to doctoral programs.

►Although it is recommended to pay attention to the order of preference, the candidate can win both of his preferences. In case you win one of your preferences as a substitute, you must apply to our Graduate School with a petition  in order to have your registration deleted from the department where you registered as a main student . Your record will be deleted by the decision of the Board of Directors, even if it is at your own request, so it may take time. Board of Directors Meetings are generally held every Wednesday, but there may be changes in the dates. Therefore, it is of great importance that you make your decision and apply to our Graduate School as soon as possible after the results are announced.

►Student numbers will be defined to the system during Final Registration.

►During the final registration, you must not be registered in another graduate program. It is important to follow the dates, as the final registration dates cannot be changed. Otherwise, the right to final registration will be lost. (According to the regulation, “With the exception of non-thesis master's programs, it is not possible to enroll and continue in more than one graduate program at the same time.”)

Correspondence via email is regarded official. It is extremely important that the e-mail address you use when registering with the application system is an e-mail address you actively use. If the password is forgotten, it will be forwarded to the relevant e-mail address. In addition, if neccessary, the candidate will be contacted via this e-mail address.

Important Notice: Unapproved applications will not be considered. When the candidate makes any correction or action in the application, the application approval is automatically lifted. Therefore, after each adjustment, the candidate must give approval for the application.


Our Turkish Candidates who graduated from Universities Abroad:

For Graduation Information to be entered into the Application System by the  Graduate School;  They should send their Identity Number, Program Name, Higher Education Council Equivalency/School Recognition Certificate, Diploma, Graduation Transcript and Certified Turkish Translations to fbebasvuru@gazi.edu.tr

After the Graduate School's information entry, candidates must add the 1. Equivalency Certificate / School Recognition Certificate, 2. Diploma-Certified Turkish Translation, 3. Graduation Transcript-Certified Turkish Translation into the system in .pdf format and complete their applications and submit their approval.


Evaluation of graduate applications;

►The evaluation of our candidates applying to non-thesis master's programs will be based on their Weighted Grade Point Average.( Senate decision dated 16/04/2021 and 2021/112)

►Evaluation of foreign national candidates will be based on Weighted Grade Point Average.

►ALES score (at least 50%), Weighted Grade Point Average (GPA) and Foreign Language Score percentage weights to be used in evaluation are decided by the Board of Directors of the Graduate School with the Academic Board Decision of the Head of the relevant Department. 

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