Application System

Some Points to Consider in the Application System

Uploading photo

Passport photo in .jpg format with biometric feature must be uploaded. (The photos uploaded to the system are used for ID card printing)

ID information Fill in the required fields paying attention to the explanations.

Contact information

Correspondence via email is regarded official. It is important to use an active e-mail address while registering in the system during the application. If the password is forgotten, it will be forwarded to the relevant e-mail address. In addition, in any case, the candidate will be contacted via this e-mail address or the phone number entered.

Exam Information (ALES AND YDS)

The validity period of the ALES score is 5 years from the date of the announcement of the exam result.

The validity period of YDS / e-YDS / YÖKDİL scores is 5 years from the date of the announcement of the exam result.

Candidates who have TOEFL IBT scores instead of YDS/e-YDS/YÖKDİL scores should upload the YDS equivalent of their TOEFL IBT scores to the system and upload the TOEFL IBT document in the "Exam document equivalent to YDS" section. Since the equivalence of the IELTS exam is no longer used, this score is not valid for applications. OSYM Conversion Table 

Students who have GRE/GMAT scores instead of ALES should write the ALES equivalents of their GRE/GMAT scores into the system and upload the GRE document to the "Exam Equivalent to ALES" section.  ALES Conversion Table

Graduation Information

Candidates enter information on the system with the education information obtained from the YÖKSİS database.

Check your education information at web address. Care must be taken to ensure that the Weighted Grade Point Average is compatible with the transcript and up-to-date. Otherwise, the University of graduation should be contacted and necessary corrections should be made.

Candidates who do not have information in the YÖKSİS database will not be able to apply online.

Turkish candidates who have completed their undergraduate or graduate education abroad should contact our Graduate School at to enter their Graduation Information into the Application System by the Graduate School.


Both sides of the documents must be uploaded to the system.

Documents required to be uploaded to the system for Master's and Integrated Doctorate (PhD) applications

Documents to be uploaded to the system in doctoral applications

When making preferences 

Although it is recommended to pay attention to the order of preference, the candidate can win both of his preferences as a main student.

Candidates have 2 choices in total for Gazi University Graduate applications.

If the candidate wins both preferences, he will be able to final register to one of his preferences. In the event that the student is accepted as a substitute for his other preference after winning te other of his preference as a main student and make final registration, the candidate may gain the right to enroll to the substitute one and will be able to enroll for this preference, provided that he/she cancels his/her registration from the program he/she registered for as a main student.

Control and Approval Process

Unapproved applications will not be considered. When the candidate makes any correction or action in the application, the application approval is automatically lifted. Therefore, after each adjustment, the candidate must give approval for the application.


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