1. When are graduate education applications made?

Before the start of fall and spring semesters, our institution accepts applications and registrations on dates announced up-to-dated on its website.

2. How does the application process work at Gazi Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences?

Following making pre-application via internet on specified dates, pre-registrations are made with stated documents in our institution. In the order in which the applicants whose pre-registrations are accepted, as per the articles 7 and 9 of the regulation, at most 3 times as many applicants as the capacity of the department are taken to oral or written exams. The applicants who succeed at the end of the exams are announced and final registrations of these applicants are made in our institution.

3. I’m in the reserve list in the application process, what should I do?

The applicants who do not make their registration in time forfeit their rights of being student. Instead of these applicants, the applicants in the waiting list are accepted after being announced. As per the article 14 of the regulation, candidates are responsible for following the notices and news about the topic.

4.What is the application criteria for graduate education programs?

You may reach the application criteria of graduate departments (with or without thesis), doctorate

and  post-graduate programs from this link .tr/posts/view/title/başvuru-kriterleri-24279)

5.Where can I learn which graduate and doctorate program I can apply for considering my graduation department?

You may reach the undergraduate degrees which Master and Doctorate programs require from(ı-24280( _dalları-24280)

6.According to which system is the graduation average accepted?

In applications and grade calculations, gpa is used according to the system over100.The candidates use the grade conversion table of their university of graduation and for universities which do not have conversion table, YOK conversion table is accepted (You have to document that your university does not have conversion table and you use YOK conversion table for this reason)

7.How is the lateral transfer application made?

The research assistants who completed at least one semester in the graduate program of the institution or another higher education program and successfully completed all of the courses s/he took can make lateral transfer to graduate programs in the institution with the suggestion of relevant headship and decision of relevant institution board. The applicants are to meet the necessary minimum application conditions specified in the relevant article of this Regulation.

8.While doing a master’s degree at another university, can I also do a master’s degree at your university?

According to the frame regulation of YOK, while registered in a Higher Education Program, you can also register to our university. (You may make registrations up to at most 2 programs)

9.Which exam results are accepted at the applications?

On applications, ALES or a conversion score taken from GRE/GMAT examination which is considered equivalent to this exam by YOK, and also KPDS/UDS/YDS or a conversion score taken from an examination which is considered equivalent to this exam by YOK are valid. Conversion to these languages will be made in line with the equivalence table of YOK.

Course Registration/Advisor Approvals

1.When are the advisor appointments of graduate students made?

Advisor appointment of all graduate students should be made until the end of 1st semester.

2.Who is responsible for the add-drop process and advisor approvals of the students whose advisor hasn’t been assigned yet?

Related process and advisor approval is carried out by the head of the department.

3.In which stage is registration made for Seminar and Term Project Courses?

It is carried out during the semester in which the courses are completed or will be completed and the advisor appointments are made.

4.In which stage is registration made for Specialized Field and Thesis Study Course?

The graduate students whose advisor appointment are made can perform this registration. While making the registration, it should be taken into consideration that the relevant courses are opened with the name of the advisor.

5.What are the documents required during registration?

Copy of Undergraduate Diploma or Temporary Graduation Paper


2 Photos

Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam(ALES) Result Paper

Military service unrelated document (For male candidates)

6.How many courses can a student select in one semester?

Selection can be made up to 4 courses.

7.How many courses at most is a student entitled to take from different department/different university/different institution?

They have right to take at most 2 courses providing that they do not exceed 3 credits.

8.Can a student select a course if courses overlap?

According to course schedule published by the department, students cannot take courses which are in conflict with each other in the Schedule. During the add-drop period, course registration can be made with the approval of the advisor.

9.Are students able to enroll more than one graduate program?

In the programs which include thesis study, at most 2 programs can be registered. There is no limit to the number registered for non-thesis master’s program.

10.Is the application criteria required for acceptance of special student?

The average grade is not required for the adoption of special students. Entrance exam is not done.

11.How many courses can a special student enroll?

Special students’ application can be made for up to two courses per semester.

12.Are special students awarded a diploma?

Special students aren’t awarded a diploma and title. A document is given stating the special status.

13.How is the practice implemented for a student who does not register for two semesters as unexcused?

Advisor of students who did not make their registration for two semesters without a valid excuse is transferred to the Head of the Department.

14. (For male students) In order to register, until when should my military service be delayed?

In case the male students do not make a request on delay of military service, our institution does not make this process automatically. For those who request this process are needed to apply to our institution with a petition and to attach military service paper (last status) to petition.


1.In which situation is make-up exam carried out?

The students who met their continuity requirements but could not sit on mid-term exam due to permission are taken to excuse mid-term exam on the date specified in the academic calendar. For final and resit exams, make-up exam is not done.

2. Can students retake the courses they failed?

Students having failed can take the course again or can choose another course instead. Also, the students may retake the courses at which they were successful to increase their grade point average with the decision of board of institution.

3. At least what letter grade should be got in order to be considered successful in the student’s course?

For students to be considered successful in the relevant courses, their letter grade should be at least CC for graduate program, and CB for doctoral program.

4. What is the requirement to enter the master’s thesis defense?

At least one of the declaration of his/her should be accepted or presented, or at least one scientific article should be accepted for publication or published.

5. How many people is the master’s thesis jury made up?

Advisor of a student consists of 3 or 5 full members, one of which is from a different higher education institution, and 2 substitute member. For the graduate program thesis with a second advisor, the jury consist of 5 original and 2 substitute members. Second advisor is also appointed as a member of jury.

6. By whom is the Term Project and Seminar Evaluation carried out?

Semester Project and Semester course evaluation are carried out by the advisor of relevant student.

7.What is the requirement to enter the doctoral thesis defense?

At least one article is required to be scientifically accepted.

8.How many people is PHD jury made up?

In addition to audit committee, the jury consist of 5 people, at least one of which is from another higher education institution. For the doctoral thesis with a second advisor, the jury consist of 7 original and 2 substitute members. Second advisor is also appointed as a member of jury.


1.How much is the tuition fee for the thesis of the graduate program?

With the provisions of article 44and 46 of Code numbered 2547 relating the price of education and the principals stated by Council of Ministers, students of graduate programs with thesis do not pay tuition fee for the first 4 semesters (2 years). The students of graduate program with thesis who finished their 4th semester in 2016-2017 Education year have to pay 129 TL for a semester.

2.How much is the tuition fee for without thesis master’s program?

With the provisions of article 44 and 46 of code numbered 2547 relating the price of education and

the principals stated by Council of Ministers, students of graduate programs without thesis have to pay 300TL for a course (3 credits) in 2016-2017 Education Year.

3.How much is the tuition fee for doctorate programs?

With the provisions of article 44 and 46 of Code numbered 2547 relating the price of education and the principals stated by Council of Ministers, students of doctoral programs with thesis do not pay tuition fee for the first 8 semesters (4 year). The students of doctoral program who finished their 8th

Semester in 2016-2017Education year have to pay 129TL for a semester.

4.How much is the tuition fee for special students?

The amount that students need to pay per credit/hour is determined by Senate. In 2016-2017 Education year, students have to pay 300TL for a course (3 credits). Based on mutuality principal for students enrolled in graduate programs of public universities in Turkey in 2016-2017 Education Year, courses can be taken for free from our university in the capacity of guest student.

Master’s Thesis

1.How is the success grade calculated in getting into masters with thesis programs?

Entry success of graduate program with thesis is calculated with the total of 50% of ALES or equivalent score, 25% of undergraduate grade point average and 25% aptitude test/portfolio examination or oral interview. (ARTICLE 7)

2.What is the duration of the thesis master’s program?

The maximum period of completing a master’s thesis is 3 years. The students who fulfill all of the requirements specified in the regulation can graduate in a shorter time.

3.What are the required conditions of graduation for   the graduate thesis program?

With the courses taken from graduate program with thesis and graduate programs in art, not less than twenty credits in total, and a seminar course, and conducting a thesis study, graduation is possible. (Seminar course and thesis study does not have any credits)

4.What is the scientific preparatory for the thesis graduate program?

Upon the suggestion of academic council of department relating the ones who were accepted to graduate program with thesis, but who were granted their bachelor’s degree in a field different from the one in the graduate program they applied or another higher education institution from the one they applied, scientific preparation courses can be taken. Scientific preparation courses are at least 3 and at most 6 and can consist of graduate courses other than the undergraduate or the programs in which one is registered. (Article 11)


1. How is the success grade calculated to enter master’s without thesis programmes?

The success degree to enter master’s without thesis programme is calculated as the sum of 50% of ALES or equivalent value and 50% of the bachelor’s degree avarage. (Article-7)

2. What is the duration of master’s without thesis programmes?

The completion duration of master’s without thesis programme is at most six semesters.

3. What are the necessary conditions in order to graduate from master’s without thesis programmes?

Graduation is possible in condition of accomplishing semester project with taking at least ten courses, being no less than 30 credits in total.

4.What is the tuition fee of master’s without thesis programmes?

Regarding the tuition fee, principles determined by the cabinet of ministers with the provisions of articles 44th  and 46th code numbered 2547, are applied. For 2016-2017 tuition period, 300 TL is determined for each course (3 credits).


1. How is the success grade calculted to enter Doctorate Programmes?

 The success degree to enter doctorate programme is calculated as the sum of 50% of ALES or equivalent score, and for the candiadates applying to integrated doctorate programme bachelor’s degree, for other candidates 25% of the avarage degree of master’s with thesis and 25% of the aptitude test/portfolio examination or interview.

2. What are the necessary conditions in order to graduate from Doctorate Programmes?

Doctorate programme comprises 21/24 credits for students accepted with a master’s degree, providing no less than 42%45 credits for students admitted with bachelor’s degree, and with proficiency exam and thesis study. ( ( ( (Thesis study has no credits). Students fullfilling these conditions are able to graduate.

3. What is scientific preparation programme in Doctorate?

For the students admitted to doctorate/art proficiency programme, however, having a degree in a different master’s programme from the postgraduate programme they have applied are allowed to take scientific preperation courses with the suggestion of academic council of the related department.  Scientific preparation courses are of minimum 3 and maximum 6, and can constitute postgraduate courses other than of the registered programme.  (Article-11)

4. What is Proficiency in Doctorate and Art?

Doctorate proficiency exams are held once every semester, ttwice a year. The student having the right of proficiency and going to take the proficiency exam should choose Proficiency period from the registration system in the exam period. The student not having succeeded in the proficiency exam retakes the exam in the following semester.  


1-How do special students apply?

Students graduating from a bachelor’s or master’s programme and wanting to have knowledge about a specific subject, can apply to be a special student on space-available basis announced by the institute board of directors. Special students can take at most two courses each term.  Applications are evaluated and decreed by the institute board of directors.

2-What is a special student status?

For the admission of special students no grade level is seeked and no entrance exam is held. Special students can not take the advantage of the right of being a student, however, they have to discharge the liabilities of the university and obey the provisions of the course/courses they take for the related term. No diplomas and titles are awarded. However, they can be given a document showing the courses they take and their grades. Special student status is remarked in this document. 

3- How many courses can special students take?

In the case of admission of the special students maximum four courses they have taken from the university’s postgraduate programmes in the last three years can be counted.  Maximum two of these courses could have been taken from other departments/fields of art/science/main art or from other institutes.  Regarding the countable courses taken from other programmes, the chairmanship is offered for consideration. 

4-How much is the tuition fee for special students?

The tuition fee of the students per credit/hour is determined by the Senate. For 2016-2017 school year the eduacion fee for private students is 300 TL per course (3 credits). 


1-How can foreign students apply?

Foreing students can apply to our institute with the intended documents on designated dates personally. They can apply on the designed dates regarding the advertised quota.

2. Which programmes can foreign students apply for?

Foreign students can apply for either postgraduate or doctorate programmes with thesis. They can not apply for the programmes without thesis.

3. How much is the tuition fee for foreign students?

Foreign students pay the amount determined by university senate. This amount is regulated according to the current cost table once a year. 


1.  When is thesis advisor assigned?

For Master’s and Doctorate progragrammes with or without thesis, “ Advisor assignment form” and “Thesis subject proposal form” must be submitted to the institute by the end of the first term. Then, advisors are assigned. (Related forms are available at )

2. What is Seminar course?

Seminar is a course related to thesis that must be taken in the last term of course period for postgraduate programmes with thesis. The grade of the course is evaluated by the lecturer giving the course and submitted in “Seminar Course Evaluation Form” to the institute by the related chairmanship. (Related forms are available at )

3. When does the thesis defence period begin?

If the advisor decides that the student can finalize his/her thesis and is ready to defend it, thesis jury candidates to take part in the defence are determined and the assignment form is filled by the advisor.  Jury is assigned by the institute board of directors after mentioned two forms (Thesis format evaluation form and jury assignment forms) are submitted to the institute. It is obligatory that the thesis jury aggregate in a month after the board of directors aggregate. During this period, as the determination of the date and place of the defense is under the responsibility of the advisor and the student, they are not necessary to be informed again in advance.  In the condition that the defense is not performed, the above procedures are repeated and thesis jury assingment form is refilled. 

4. How is the process after the completion of the thesis study?

“Final Check” and “CD Check” are performed in 1 month after the defense of the thesis. (This duration can be extended to 2 months if deemed appropriate by the jury ).  

5. What should be taken  into consideration in the final check?

After the thesis is defended, the corrections are made if the jury deems appropriate and the thesis is taken to the institute for the final check.  The approval page of this thesis is to be signed with blue pen  by all the jury members. The thesis is revised until it meets the necessary format according to the thesis writing manual, and then,the final check coupon is handed to the student. In this phase, the student must get the institute director and vice directors to approve the final check coupon. The student whose final check coupon is approved takes the thesis and multiplies it in the necessary number (1 for the institute and 1 for each jury members) and has it binded. 

6. What should be taken into consideration in the CD check?

After the final check, the student forms 3 thesis- related CDs. One of the CDs is in word format and it includes the English and Turkish abstracts of the thesis. The other 2 CDs are in PDF format and each has the complete form and English and Turkish abstracts of the thesis. In the CD check phase, three copies of “ Approval page”, “Thesis Submission Page” and “Thesis Data Entry Form” are submitted to respective person. (If there is a restriction for the thesis, 4 copies of Thesis Data entry Form must be handed)

7. How should cd names and cd contents be named?

The student should write the name and surname of the student, Postgraduate/Doctorate Thesis and the defence date on the CDs brought for the CD check with a CD pen.   Furthermore, the files saved in the CDs should be named as follows: 

Name surname Thesis

Name Surname Abstract Tr

Name surname Abstract En

8. What  should I do after all the checks are finalized?

The students whose Cd check has been completed submit final check, and CD check coupons, one of the binded thesis and discharge certificate to the related student registrar’s officer. The thesis is put on the agenda of the Institute Administrative Board and the student graduates with the assize of the Institute Administrative Board.

9. What is the Term Project Process in Thesis Without Thesis?

The student has to take the term Project prepared appropriately for the thesis writing format to be checked after s/he submits it to the advisor. After the Project is examined according to the thesis writing format, the student is given Term Project Check coupun. The coupon and the Term Project are approved by the Institute Administrators. The students submitting Coupon, Discharged Form and 1 binded Project to the institute is put on the agenda of the Institute Administrative Board and graduates with the assize of the Institute Administrative Board. 

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