Important Information Related to Final Report (2018-2019 Spring Semester) - Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü
Important Information Related to Final Report (2018-2019 Spring Semester)


1. Candidates who will deliver the documents at the exact registration dates have to apply to the related institute in-person or by another person who has proxy. Missing documents, by post, and after the expiration of the exact registration process can not be done.

2.  The documents submitted by the candidates during the final registration will be checked by comparing them with the information obtained from the YÖKSIS database during pre-registration. If there is a difference between the documents, the candidate will not be registered and the legal action will be started about the candidate.

3. Except for graduate programs without thesis, it is not possible to register and continue with more than one graduate program at the same time. For this reason, the candidates who are entitled to a definite registration must remove their registration from within the University or from graduate programs other than the University before enrolling in the Institute for which they intend to enroll. In case of confirming that candidates are enrolled to other programs their registration will be cancelled.

4. The accuracy of the documents declared by foreign nationals will be confirmed by correspondence to the Embassies. Even if the records of the candidates whose documents are not confirmed can not be confirmed, they will be canceled.

5. Foreign national candidates who wish to study at a graduate school with their own possibilities pay tuition fees and fees determined for the 2018-2019 Education and Training Year by the Council of Ministers and the University Executive Board for normal education when they are entitled to become students in master's thesis and doctoral programs.

6. e-mail account taken via e-government is to be activated and given to our graduate school during final registration.

7. Missing documents and misrepresentation are the responsibility of the candidate. In this case, the registration of the candidate will be canceled even if the registration is taken.

8. Candidates who do not register between the announced dates will be considered to disclaim their right.