Graduate and PhD students will be accepted for the 2nd semester (Spring Term) of the 2017-2018 academic year .

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(Candidates must provide registration confirmation.)

December 18 (Monday), 2017 

December  29 (Friday), 2017

Announcement of Candidates Granted to Take the Exam for Graduate Programs

(Except for non-thesis programs)

04 January (Thursday), 2018

Entrance Examination to Graduate Programs

(Except for non-thesis programs)

January 8-9-10, 2018

Announcement of Candidates Granted for Final Enrollment and Substitute List

January 16 (Tuesday), 2018

Final Enrollment Dates

( Students registering for final enrollment are obliged to fulfill the SPECIAL CONDITIONS set by the departments)

January 18 (Thursday),2018

January 19, (Friday),2018

 Announcement of Reserve Quota

January 22 (Monday),2018

Acceptance of Registration from the Substitute List to the Reserve Quota

(Candidates granted for registration from the substitute list must be present at the Institute on January 26 2018 (Friday) at 10am. The registration process will be conducted by reading names aloud in order from the list among the candidates present. No further written notification will be made to students.)

January 26 (Friday), 2018

Course Registration Dates                                                                                   

 February 01-02,2018

NOTE:  Students eligible for final enrollment must register on the specific dates. Candidates that do not register on the specific dates will lose their registration rights.