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General Application Requirements (2018-2019 Spring Semester)


1.  Candidates must have a four-year undergraduate degree to apply for the masters and combined graduate degree programmes; Students must have a masters diploma in order to apply to doctorate programs.

2.  Candidates who will apply for the doctorate program examination must have a minimum graduation score of 2.50 / 4.00 and those who will apply for the combined graduate degree programme program should be 3.50 / 4.00.

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3. Candidates who have graduated from universities in foreign countries must provide a certificate of equivalence obtained from High Education Council.

4. Candidates are required to submit at least 55.00 points above and above the ALES * score for graduate programs without thesis / dissertation; Doctoral programs must have a score of at least 60.00 from ALES and equivalent** to GRE / GMAT (GRE / GMAT) given by the Higher Education Council. Candidates must have pre-registration by applying to the Institute in person if not having the scores of exams (GRE / GMAT, ÖSYM equivalent accreditation exams) that can not be transferred through the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) system.

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* See. Appendix 1: Click for  ALES score conversion table.

** In all applications, 2014-ALES (Spring) semester and following semesters ALES scores are valid.

5. For applications to doctoral programs, it is required to have a score of 55 or more from KPDS / ÜDS / YDS / e-YDS / YÖKDİL or 55 from ÖSYM equivalent accreditation exams and 75 or more on postgraduate integrated doctoral programs.

6. The validity period of  KPDS, ÜDS, YDS, e-YDS and YÖKDİL exam results is 5 (five) years from the examination date. In addition, the condition of having a foreign language document determined by the academic boards of the relevant department, and/or the base scores of these examinations are announced at the institute web pages.

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7. Candidates are required to have received at least 55 points from a second foreign language examination in programs conducted on foreign languages.

8. Foreign candidates wishing to do a Master’s degree with their own funding are admitted to the graduate programs in accordance with the procedures determined by the University Senate provided that they fulfill the conditions stated in the announcements of the institutes.

9. Foreign nationality applicants applying for integrated PhD or graduate programs are obliged to present their original undergraduate diploma and transcript with their Turkish translations; for other candidates, their master’s with thesis diploma and transcript with their Turkish translations must be presented. Applicants of foreign nationals must have a minimum of C1 (minimum) in the Turkish Language Teaching, Application and Research Centers (TÖMER) which must be submitted to the institute.

10.  Candidates can apply to two programs at most within Gazi University.  The Institute is not liable if the entrance examination hours of the applied programs overlap.

11.  Except for non-thesis postgraduate programs, candidates can not register and continue to study more than one graduate program at the same time, even if they enter both programs.  

12.  Candidates who are Turkish citizens and have completed tertiary education in Turkey should be registered with the Higher Education System (YÖKSIS) for their previous higher education graduation information.

NOTE: To check your Higher Education Graduation Information;

·        Log in to

·        In the upper right corner of the address bar, click on the "Login to System" button and enter your TC identity number and your password.

·        Click "e-Services" link on the page that opens.

·        At the end of the page, please click on the link " Higher Education Graduation Certificate " under the heading of " Higher Education Council Presidency" .

·        If your graduation information does not appear in e-Government, please contact your higher education institution.

13.  Graduation grades of candidates who are determined to graduate with a grade point system in YÖKSİS will be converted to quadrature system. However, the point value in the system will be used in the evaluation process. In case candidates have a common grade point average of four and a half or a grade point average grade of only four, the YOK Note Transformation Table * will be used to convert them into a hundred grade system.

* Annex 2: Click for YÖK grade conversion table.