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1. When are the applications for graduate education?

Before the beginning of the fall and spring term, applications and registrations are done on the dates announced on our Graduate School page.

2. How does the application process to Gazi FBE work?

Pre-registrations of candidates are taken online. Military School / Police Academy / Turkish nationals who have received equivalence after completing their education in universities abroad apply to our Graduate School with the required documents. Pre-registrations of foreign nationals are made in person with the required documents to the Foreign Nation Department of the Education and Foreign Relations Coordination Department.

3. I am on the waiting list as a result of the application, what should I do?

Candidates who do not register in time lose the right to be a student. Instead of these candidates, the candidates on the waiting list are announced and accepted in an orderly fashion. According to Article 7 of the Regulation, it is the responsibility of the candidates to follow the announcements and news on the subject.

4. What are the application criteria for graduate education programs?

For the criteria of application of each of the master's (with / without thesis) and doctoral and post-graduate doctoral programs of the Departments of our Graduate School,please click:,-accepted-programs,-quotas,-exam-places-and-dates-217255?siteUri=fbe

5. Where can I find out which graduate and doctorate programs I can apply for according to my undergraduate degree?

Click,-kabul-edilen-programlar,-kontenjanlar,-sinav-yer-ve-saatleri-217199?siteUri=fbe to find out the necessary information.

6.  According to which system is the undergraduate graduation average is accepted?

In applications and score calculations, undergraduate grade point average is used according to the system of 100 and the conversion table of Council of Higher Education (YÖK) is taken as a basis.

7. How to apply for lateral transfer?

(1)Students attending a Master's program without thesis can transfer to the master program with thesis provided that they meet the minimum requirements for the relevant program in the procedures and principles approved by the Senate and by the decision of the Board of Directors of the Graduate School, upon the proposal of the relevant department of science.

 (2) In case the students whose thesis is rejected while they are a graduate student with thesis, they are given the right to enter the non-thesis program provided that they fulfill the course credit load, project writing and similar requirements by giving an additional period of one semester.

(3) Students who are registered to a Doctorate program after the undergraduate program can pass a Master's program with or without a thesis if they have successfully completed 60 credit courses.

(4) Switching between programs can be done once. Transferring students' files are transferred to the new program and disconnected from the old program. Recognition and adjustment of the previously acquired qualifications of the students who switch between the programs are arranged according to the procedures and principles determined by the Senate by the decision of the Board of Directors of the Graduate School.

(5)A research assistant who has completed at least one semester in a graduate program of the Graduate School or another higher education institution and who has been successful in all of the courses provided by taking at least two courses per semester can transfer to the same department/science program in the Graduate School. A candidate applying for the transition must meet the minimum application requirements in Article 5 of this Regulation. (Article 13)

8. Can I pursue a Master's Degree at your University while doing my Master's Degree at another University?

Multiple graduate programs cannot be enrolled and continued at the same time. (Except for non-thesis programs.) (Regulation on Graduate Education and Training from the Presidency of Higher Education Council, Article (35/6)).

9. Which exam results are accepted for applications?

In the applications, the conversion score obtained from the GRE / GMAT exam, whose equivalence to these exams given by ALES or YÖK; For the foreign language score, the score obtained from one of the exams given by KPDS / ÜDS / YDS / e-YDS / YÖKDİL or exam results whose equivalence is approved by YÖK (Council of Higher Education). The transformations of these language exam scores will be made according to YÖK equivalence table.



10. When is a supervisor appointed for graduate students?

Supervisor appointments of Master's students must be done at the end of the first semester the latest (Article 20/1). Supervisor appointments of Ph.D. students must be done at the end of the second semester the latest (Article 30/1).

11. If a student is not appointed a supervisor, how the add/drop courses process work and who approves their supervisor approvals?

The approval of the relevant process and supervisor approval is performed by the Department.

12. At which stage is the registration to the Specialized Field Course, Thesis Preparation, Thesis Study?

Graduate students who have been appointed a supervisor can make this registration. When registering, it should be ensured that the relevant course selections are opened on behalf of the supervisor. The students in the course stage take the thesis preparation course and the students in the thesis stage take the thesis study course.

13. What documents are required during registration?

Photocopy of Undergraduate Diploma or Copy of Temporary Graduation Certificate, (Graduate diploma and transcript must be attached for PhD applications)

Academic Personnel Graduate Entrance Exam (ALES) Result Certificate,


Military Status Certificate

Copy of identity card,

3 photographs

English Proficiency Certificate for the programs in English (the score obtained from  the examination whose equivalence given by YÖK).

14. How many ECTS credits can the student take in a semester?

Maximum 40 credits can be taken.

15. Can the student enroll in more than one graduate program?

Students can register to a maximum of 1 program in thesis programs. (Regulation on Graduate Education and Education from the Presidency of Higher Education Council, Article (35/6)).

16. Are there any application criteria for special student admission?

In admission of special students, grade level is not required and entrance exam is not performed. Special students cannot benefit from student rights; however, like the actual students, they must fulfill the obligations stated in this Regulation for the semester in which they take the course (s) (Article 15).

17. Are special students given diplomas?

Special students are not given diplomas or titles. However, a document showing their courses and grades can be given. The status of special students is stated in this document (Article 15).

18. What do I have to do to get a military postponement?

If the male students do not request a military referral post, our Graduate School does not automatically make a referral post. The person requesting a referral is required to apply to our Graduate School with Form 1 (Document Request Form and Photocopy of the Identity Card) and the student must do this application 2 months before the military referral post the latest.



19. What should be the least  letter grade in order to be considered successful?

In order for the student to be considered successful in the related course, the letter of success in the master's degree must be at least CC, and the letter of success at the doctoral degree/        integrated doctoral degree must be at least CB (Article 11/4).

20. How many people are the PhD Thesis Jury?

The doctoral jury consists of five people, at least two of whom are faculty members of another higher education institution, together with the thesis monitoring committee. The board of the relevant institute decides whether the supervisor has the right to vote. In case the supervisor does not have the right to vote, the jury consists of six faculty members. In addition, two alternate members are appointed, one from within the University and the other from another higher education institution. For doctoral dissertations with a second supervisor, the jury consists of seven principal and two alternate members, and the second supervisor is appointed as a jury member (Article 34 / 4-5).



 21. What is the tuition fee of the graduate programs with thesis?

In accordance with the provisions of Article 44 and 46 of the Law No. 2547 on tuition fees and the principles determined by the Council of Ministers, graduate students with thesis do not pay tuition fees for the first 4 semesters (2 years). Students who have completed their 4th semester with thesis have to pay 129,00 TL for one semester.

22. What is the tuition fee of the graduate programs without thesis?

In accordance with the provisions of Article 44 and 46 of the Law No. 2547 on tuition fees and the principles set by the Council of Ministers, non-thesis graduate students are required to pay 600.00 TL for a course (3 credits).

23. What is the tuition fee for PhD programs?

In accordance with the provisions of Article 44 and 46 of Law No. 2547 and the principles determined by the Council of Ministers, doctoral students do not pay tuition fees for the first 8 semesters (4 years). Doctoral students who have completed their 8th semester are required to pay 129,00 TL for one semester.



24. How long is the duration of master's programs with thesis?

The normal duration of the master's program with thesis is four semesters, starting from the semester in which the courses related to the program they are enrolled for, regardless of whether or not they have been registered, and the program is completed in a maximum of six semesters. At the end of the four semesters, the student who cannot successfully complete the credit courses and seminar courses included in the curriculum, or fail to fulfill the conditions / criteria foreseen by the University during this period; within the maximum period, the student who fails the thesis or does not enter the defense of the thesis is dismissed from the Graduate School (Article 22).



25. How long is the duration of master's programs with thesis?

     The period of completion of the master's program without thesis is at least two semesters and at most three semesters, starting from the semester in which the courses related to the program they are enrolled in, regardless of whether they have enrolled or not. At the end of this period, students who fail or fail to complete the program are dismissed from the Graduate School (Article 24).



26.  What is doctoral proficiency?

Doctoral proficiency exams are held twice a year, at the end of the fall and spring semesters. The student who has come to the proficiency stage and will take the proficiency exam, selects the proficiency stage from the course registration system in the period he will take the examination. Students who do not pass the proficiency exam take the exam again in the following semester. Students who fail in this exam are dismissed from the Graduate School (Article 35 / c).



27. How do foreign students apply?

Foreign students can pre-register on the dates determined according to the academic calendar in person with the documents requested to the Foreign Nationals Unit of the Education and Foreign Relations Coordinator of the University.



28. How does the process work after writing the thesis?

You can find a detailed explanation in the following link.

29. What is the process of  the term project in the Master's program without thesis?

After submitting the term project prepared in accordance with the Thesis Writing Guide to the supervisor, the student has to bring it to the Graduate School for control. After the format check in accordance with the thesis writing guide, the Term Project Control Coupon is delivered to the student. Coupon and Term Project is approved by the Graduate School Management. The student who submits the coupon, termination form and 1 binding project to the Graduate School is placed on the agenda of the Graduate School Administrative Board and the student graduates with the decision of the Graduate School Administrative Board.