Foreign Student Acceptance for 2017-2018 Fall Term - Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü


  1. Applicants of foreign student applicants who apply to the Graduate Programs of the Institute are not accepted electronically.
  2. Students who wish to apply must apply personally to the Institute of Science and Technology between dates of 26 July - 09 August 2017 (until the end of the working day) .
  3. Foreign students must meet the application criteria.
  4. Applicants who have completed their graduate studies abroad must submit the equivalence certificate issued by YÖK and their original or approved copy of diplomas and transcripts (the average grade in diplomas or transcripts must be indicated in translation). Turkish translations made by the translation bureau (applicants for non-Turkish translations will not be accepted),
  5. GRE, GMAT etc. which are accepted as ALES certificate or equivalent. The original or certified copy of the outcome document,
  6. French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, and Japanese) for the candidates applying for the graduate programs, and the Foreign Language Exam Result Document (belonging to one of the international foreign language exams recognized by the Higher Education Council, ,
  7. At least C1 level TOMER document indicating that the student is successful in Turkish, indicating at least C1 grade level certificate (Ordinance 10/2: Foreign students who have completed the graduate / undergraduate graduate education in Turkey and foreign students who have completed their undergraduate / Turkish proficiency certificate is not required from the candidates who will apply to the programs.)
  8. 3 biometric features (5x6 White Backslit) passport photo, passport original and photocopy,

They have to submit it to the Institute of Science and Technology.

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